How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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INTELLECTUAL CULTURE.                     323
not take a college learnt gentleman, but a plain, natural, ram's-horn sort of a man, like me."
Now this may seem a little too absurd, but do not some people entertain opinions analogous to these I Do not some persons give a color of plausibility to this story by their practice? Is it not the current notion of society, that of the intelligent and talented we must make lawyers, physicians and clergymen, and pick out school­masters from what are left? Ought we not to reverse this system, and select for this most im­portant of all occupations the very best talents which are produced among us? And to secure these, ought we not to make the profession of a schoolmaster both lucrative and honorable? Ought we not to establish seminaries where the art of instructing children may be thoroughly taught? Let us not indulge the notion that in­stinct will make a good teacher. Let us not fancy that while every other art, including even the commonest trade, requires regular instruc­tion or long apprenticeship, the most im­portant and most difficult of all arts, comes by chance. Ought we not—I speak of the country at large—to hold out inducements to men of ta­lents to prepare themselves, by a specific educa­tion and careful training, as instructers ; and to devote themselves to this as the settled occupa-
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