How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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Such are some of the grotesque blunders to which children are exposed by negligent and stupid teachers. Let me state a fact of a dif­ferent kind, to show the power of a skilful in-structer in the management of his pupils. A few years since. I visited the celebrated infant school of Wilderspin, in London. It consisted of two hundred children, all belonging to the poorest classes. They were accustomed to en­ter the school-room through an alley six feet wide. In the centre of this, Wilderspin placed a mountain daisy,-in a flower-pot, and directed the scholars not to disturb it. For several months, the little flower remained untouched by a careless foot or a wanton hand ! And how did this individual acquire such power in the government of children? By making his profession a study. He read the character of children with deep attention. He discovered amid their diversities certain principles, common to all. Among these he marked the well-known sympathy of child with child. Upon this he founded a system of mutual instruction, which produced the most surprising results. I would have every teacher possess the spirit of Wilder-spin. I would have him love his vocation. I would have him devote his life to it, study all
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