How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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INTELLECTUAL CULTURE.                     327
its details, collect knowledge from hooks and wisdom from experience.
We all know that great attention has recently been paid to common school education. The minds of great men. especially in Europe, have been turned to this engrossing subject, and many interesting discoveries and improvements in the art of teaching have been made. I would have the instructer follow up the progress of his pro­fession and keep pace with the march of dis­covery. If there is a new and useful invention. in any part of the world, for propelling a steam­boat or a locomotive, it is immediately brought into use among us. In such matters, we do not linger behind other nations: nay. in many things we take the lead. .Now let us consider that there is no country to which general edu­cation is so important as this: for the success of our government, the happiness of the nation, depend upon it. The people here are the sove­reigns, and if they are ignorant whal must their dominion be ! I hope, therefore. that while we see a spirit abroad that leads us to cherish enter­prise and improvement in steamboats, railroads, and spinning jennies, we may not prove lag­gards in this great movement of common school education. Let parents take this matter to heart. Let them, as a first step, seek for good
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