How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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teachers. Let us ail consider the exigent neces­sity of having such in our common schools. If a man has no children, let his philanthropy be excited by regarding the great benefits which a single teacher of the right kind may produce in a lifetime. In thirty years, he may instruct seven hundred and fifty children. He may therefore exert a decisive influence in forming the character and shaping the destiny of this number of persons. One man may thus almost ensure the happiness of seven hundred and fifty people ! I fear that it may often happen that an individual passes through life without being able to say at its close that he has made one fellow-being better or happier. And this may be because he has dealt only with grown-up men, who are hard to move. But childhood is more susceptible. He who devotes himself to its cultivation with zeal and intelligence, cannot fail of that noble recompense which is awarded to the benefactor of mankind. To such a one I would sooner raise the marble statue than to the victor in a hundred fields !
While, therefore, I would honor the accom­plished schoolmaster, I would shun the quack and pretender, who, never having been instruct­ed himself, presumes to teach others. I would not take a raw, untaught apprentice in learning,
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