How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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INTELLECTUAL CULTURE.                     329
and intrust the shaping of the immortal mind to him, even though T could save by it five or ten dollars a month to a school district. I would not spare the purse if thereby I starved or stinted the intellect of the rising generation. T would in this, as in other matters, employ a good workman, and pay him well. But are such teachers to be found? I fear not a suffi­cient number for all our schools. I hope some­thing may be done to remedy the evil. Let the people call upon their state legislatures to act in this matter.*' Let parents take hold of this subject, as one which specially belongs to them. Until institutions for the preparation of teachers are established and in operation, let special exer­tions be made to obtain the best teachers that are to be had. Some persons have a peculiar aptitude for instruction, and succeed well with­out great experience. But these cases are rare. Practice makes perfect in this, as in other things. It is therefore wisest to prefer experienced teach­ers. If you get one. keep him. Give him a salary which will supply his wants and content
* Since this was written, some philanthropic individuals in Mas­sachusetts have placed ten thousand dollars at the disposal of the Board of Education, to which the state has added a like sum. for the purpose of establishing one or more institutions for the prepa­ration of teachers of common schools. May we not hope that this example will lie followed in other states 1
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