How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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that he bestowed upon me. I loved him from the first, though my affection was perhaps a little chastened by the sight of a smart birch stick, with the extreme point a little shivered and peeled, lying upon the table. He was a kind-hearted, handsome old gentleman, with a stoop in the shoulder, which gave a touch of humility to his bearing, that inclined every heart in his favor. He was a lover of authority, and gave a somewhat literal construction to that passage of Scripture which commands us not to spare the rod. He believed every thing in the Bible, and, being of a practical turn, he did not confine himself in this matter to abstract theory. Still, he was kind-hearted, and if he bestowed the birch, it was in sorrow rather than in anger. He wrote a full, round, beautiful hand ; he was very thorough in spelling: he was a capital reader himself, and delighted in pupils who followed his example in this. He loved arith­metic. The slate and pencil and Daboll, ever seemed to possess the charms of romance for him. In short, master Stebbins was at once an experienced teacher and well-bred gentleman, of the old school. He was tidy and precise in his dress, abstemious in his habits of eating and drinking, exact in matters of time, which were regulated by a thick, turnip-shaped silver
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