How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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INTELLECTUAL CULTURE.                     333
watch. He was of an even pace, aided by a smooth hickory cane with an ivory head. And though he was a man of moderate abilities and of no great compass of learning, he was an eminently successful teacher. He may have passed to his tomb, but the benefits of his dis­creet instruction are living in numerous indi­viduals, now in the full vigor of manhood.
knew another teacher, whom we will call I do not blame him that he was six feet two inches high, that he was extremely lank and lean, that in walking he swung his legs forward in a shambling fashion, that his face was long, pallid and cadaverous. I do not blame him for all this, but I think it was a mis­take that the school committee employed him as a teacher. He was a man of considerable scholarship, but he was supercilious, conceited and pedantic. He must perhaps be forgiven for this, for I recollect that he had a watch-key, consisting of a large oblong piece of pinchbeck, marked with these mysterious figures. It swung from his fob, at the end of a long steel chain, and was thus as ostentatiously displayed to the people of the village, as the tavern sign. It was understood to mean that the favored proprietor had been to college, and there admitted to some secret lore, forbidden to
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