How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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INTELLECTUAL CULTURE.                     335
a deep sense of injury depicted on his visage as he read this; for in his heart he had as ten­der a regard for a maiden of the village. Miss Elizabeth (barter, as a conceited old bachelor can have for any thing but himself. The de­tection of the perpetrators of this joke was as serious a matter to VV. as the setthng the bal­ance of power in Europe with a congress of diplomatists; and Machiavel was never con­sulted more thoroughly in one case than he was in the other. By bribes and threats, the of­fender was detected, and lie was then cudgelled, the rascality in him being thus stimulated and roused to double activity. Many a smart stick was worn out upon the rogues of the school, but they grew rebellious in exact proportion to the severity of their punishment. The truth is that this pompous pedagogue was ever thinking of himself Selfishness curdled the last drop of human kindness in his breast, He was also capricious and unjust, and sometimes displayed his mighty littleness in vengeful discipline of the children under his care. The administra­tion of that man was fraught with serious mis­chief. The whole energy of the school was wasted in over-government; there was a prison­like darkness there, that shadowed the mind, chilled the heart, and stinted the growth of
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