How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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knowledge, if perchance the sprouts shot up from the soil What a baleful influence must such a man exert upon the after life of those placed under his care ! How little must be the respect for knowledge associated with such an image ! How likely are children, thus made to witness and feel injustice, to cultivate the spirit of the outlaw, and grow up with a savage determination to revenge on others the wrongs they have themselves experienced! Yet pa­rents sometimes place their children under the care of such teachers, and, because they will not look into the matter, expose them to all the evils which may follow.
Let parents therefore take an active interest in the subject of teachers, and see that they are wisely chosen. Beware of placing your children under the care of capricious, tyrannical, or ill-tempered instructers ! A school is a despotism of the most unlimited kind. There is no check to the will of the monarch. If he is disposed to exercise his authority oppressively, he can­not be resisted: the poor children must submit and suffer. But the greater evil is not their immediate unhappiness; their souls are con­taminated by evil example, by witnessing the display of injustice, partiality, and bad passions in one whose example and authority they are
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