How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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they do this, they are among the most useful teachers of our common schools. If seminaries for their education as such were instituted, they might many of them be qualified for this em­ployment, and spend their lives in it. Even if taken from it to become mothers, they would be excellent teachers at the fireside.
There are several other points in relation to common schools which deserve the attention of parents. Among these, one of vast impor­tance is that the school-houses should be con­venient and comfortable. The site for a school-house is generally-in the most neglected, be­cause the cheapest, spot in the town; whereas, it should be chosen with special reference to pleasantness of aspect. Its interior, too, should be cheerful and attractive. It ought to be a place loved by the pupils, associated with ideas of comfort, and not with recollections of des­potism without and gloom within.
Is there not something painful in the idea, that parents are content to select a location for a seminary, where their children are to spend several years of their life, without regard to the comfort or the pleasure of those who are so dependent upon them? Is it not a reproach to human nature that school committees, teachers, and fathers, often select a site for a seminary
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