How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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In the construction of school-houses, several points ought to be carefully attended to. In the first place, the interior should be so arranged as to facilitate the evolutions of the school, and place the pupils in positions to be easily re­viewed by the teacher. It should also be of ample size, especially if we consider the danger to health from foul air. It is a well-known fact that death has actually occurred in some
moral turpitude in men and women. But build it where some sheltering hill or wood mitigates the inclemency of winter; where a neighboring- grove tempers the summer heat, furnishing cool and shady walks; remove it a little from the public highway and from buildings where noisy and clattering trades are carried on ; and, above all. rescue it from sound or sight of all resorts for license and dissipation, and a sensibility to beauty, a parity of mind, a sentiment of decency and propriety, will be developed and fostered. and the chances of elevated feelings and correct conduct in after life will lie increased manifold. Habits of mental order and pro­priety are best cherished amidst external order and propriety. It is a most beautiful trait in the character of children that they take the keenest delight in the simplest pleasures. Their desires do not tax commerce for its luxuries, nor exhaust wealth for its embellishments. Such pleasures as are imparted by the cheerful light and the cpuiekening air, by the way-side flowers, the running stream, or the music of birds, are sufficient for the more gentle and pensive ; and the impetuous and exuberant of spirit only want a place to let off the redundant activity of their arms and legs. And how cheaply can these sources of gratification be purchased. Sometimes a little of the spirit of compromise : sometimes a little forgetfulness of strifes among the parents, engendered on other subjects, would secure to the children the double boon of utility and enjoyment. Vet how often are the unoffending children ground between the collisions of their parents! "
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