How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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INTELLECTUAL CULTURE.                     341
of our schools from the impurity of the air. Will parents hear this, and never go to the school-room, and see whether the health, nay, the lives of their children are sate .; A be­nignant providence has poured over this globe an ocean of fresh, pure air, every where fifty miles deep. It has not been parsimonious of this fluid, but has given it to us by -'sky fulls."' And why ? because it is indispensa­ble to health. When air has been once breathed. it is poisonous, and must go forth to be puri­fied. But we shut our children into a small room, fifty, sixty, perhaps a hundred together, and they are obliged to breathe over and over again the air that has become poison to the lungs. '' In Naples, there is a grotto, where carbonic acid issues from the earth and Hows along the bottom in a shallow stream. Dogs are kept by the guides who conduct travellers to see this natural curiosity, and, for a small fee, they thrust the noses of the dogs into the gas. The consequence is that the dogs are im­mediately seized with convulsions, and, if not released, they die in five minutes. But let us not cry shame! too soon on those who are guilty of this sordidness and cruelty. we are repeating every day, though in rather a milder 29*
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