How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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fashion, the same experiment, except that we use children instead of dogs."
If these things are so. how important that our school-houses should be of ample size and well ventilated. The subject of warming school-houses is also one that demands great care and skill. The lighting of these edifices should be so managed as to spare the eyes of the children. Dr. Reynolds remarks. " How much talent lies dormant through the sensitiveness of the eyesight, occasioned by inordinate and untimely use of the eyes ! This last-mentioned evil is increasing to a fearful amount among the young. Accurate inquiries have convinced me that a large number of these individuals must go back to the school-room to find the source of their infirmities." Dr. Howe says, " There are some obvious dangers to which children are exposed in schools, which may be pointed out in a few words. You will often see a class of children reading or writing with the sun shining on their books, or writing in a dark afternoon with their backs to the window and their bodies obstructing its little light: and if you tell the master he is periling the eyesight of his scholars, he thinks he gives you a com­plete discomfiture by saying that be has kept school so for ten years, and never knew a boy
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