How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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INTELLECTUAL CULTURE.                     343
to become blind; nevertheless, it is a cause of evil, and so surely as it exists it will he followed by its effect. A boy reading by twilight, or by the blaze of a fire, or by moonlight even, will tell you he does not feel the effects; neverthe­less, they follow lis closely as the shadow upon the substance; and if, ten years afterwards, you see the boy selecting glasses at an opti­cian's, and ask him what caused his imperfect vision, he will tell you that there was no par­ticular cause: that is. the amount of evil done at any particular time was not perceptihle—as a toper, whose system is tottering to ruin, can­not, believe that any particular glass of brandy ever did him any harm. We should never read but in the erect posture; we should never read when the arterial system is in a state of high action : we should never read with too much or too little light : we should never read with a dazzling light of the sun or fire striking on our face. School-rooms should he arranged in such a maimer that the light of the sun can he ad­mitted in the right direction, not dazzling the eyes, but striking upon the books. There should he facilities for admitting the light fully in dark weather, and for excluding it partly when the sun shines brilliantly."
It may be added to these remarks, that every
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