How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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school-house should have a play-ground, which will not only be a source of pleasure to the pupils, but will go far to save orchards from being robbed, and prevent other mischiefs to property, of which we hear frequent complaint. It will also promote healthful exercise. Each school-house should also have a bell, to ensure punctuality, and a time-piece, to establish regu­larity. There should also be a pump at hand, to provide fresh water.
Every teacher should be acquainted with these requisites, and, where he cannot provide all, he should see that as many as possible are supplied. To him, in co-operation with pa­rents, we must look for improvement in these important respects.
It is not necessary for my plan to enter at large into a full discussion of high schools, academies and colleges. Some of these are of great utility, and deserve encouragement at the hands of the public. The high schools, espe­cially, which afford the means of perfecting scholars in those studies begun at the common school, and of instruction in other branches of knowledge, as Natural History, Natural Philosophy, Chemistry, Botany, Mineralogy,
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