How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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INTELLECTUAL CULTURE.                    345
&c, are of the first importance. They are in their nature possessed of many qualities akin to the common schools. They are, or ought to be, constructed on a plan which will render them easy of access, even to the poor. They are, or ought to be, numerous, affording the opportunity to all children in our larger towns, who desire it, of acquiring a pretty thorough English education. But when children are sent to these schools, they should still he under the watchful guardianship of their parents. These should continue to take an interest in their edu­cation, and regard the high school, not as super­seding the fireside seminary, or as justifying a relaxation of duty on their part; on the con­trary, as only helping out the parent in his high task of giving to his child a vigorous mind in a sound body.
But while the high school may thus claim encouragement, and thus prove useful, it ought by no means to interfere with the primary schools. The great effort of the public should be to improve the latter. Spread common schools throughout the community, and raise the standard of education in them to a high mark, and the higher seminary will flourish of course. If you enlighten the whole community, you will promote a general desire for better and
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