How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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still better seminaries. But let every friend to public prosperity take care not to permit high schools, or any other institutions, to draw off the public interest or public support from the district schools. Let the men of influence in every town and village cherish these institu­tions, send their own children to them as far as may be, secure to them good teachers, and do whatever else may be necessary to make them accomplish the great ends for which they are instituted.
Our academies are important, but, like other seminaries, they are good or ill according to their management. Under the charge of well-trained and faithful instructers, they become blessings to their immediate pupils and the community at large. Those which are devoted to the preparation of young persons for the practical duties of life are deserving of special encouragement, if wisely conducted. There are many private seminaries in the country, which rank with our high schools and acade­mies, and which, from the energy and vigil­ance with which they are conducted, arising from the concentrated interest of the superin­tendent, may be regarded as among the most valuable of our institutions. It is a curious fact, that in almost all the seminaries which
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