How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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lishments of the kind in the world, have been for the last half century actual hindrances to the progress of knowledge. The plain truth is, that human improvement, like heat in water, works upward and not downward. If you would warm the whole mass, begin at the bot­tom. So, in society, if you would enlighten the community at large, if you would raise the standard of human character, begin with the people. Educate them, and fear not that we shall have among us men of great learning and scholarship, even though you endow no colleges for their special benefit. What higher stimulus can you bring to act upon genius and talent than to throw around them an enlightened and well educated people? Educate them, and colleges and universities may be safely left to stand or fall, as public opinion may decree. When the people at large are well instructed, institutions of a high grade, suited to the wants of the com­munity, will spring up and receive encourage­ment. An artificial impulse is not wanted, even now, to stimulate the rich and the intelli­gent to give an expensive education to their chil­dren. They set a high value upon whatever may distinguish their offspring and raise them above others, and will take means to secure these. But the poor and the ignorant need
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