How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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the college will be as a carcass to the eagles, and among those gathered to share in the spoils, a spirit is likely to reign which will overlook duty in the pursuit of selfish ends, Such a col­lege may have a celebrated scholar for a presi­dent and learned men for teachers ; it may have a splendid library and costly cabinets, and a noble philosophical apparatus in every depart­ment of science; but it will still be an ineffi­cient instrument of education. Once in awhile it may produce a brilliant scholar, but the ma­jority of graduates will be injured, rather than benefited. Nine out of ten will waste the best period of life for instruction, and thus be sub­jected to irremediable loss.
Nor is this all. In such a college, the pupils are left almost wholly to their own guidance. Separated from their parents, at the most stormy period of life, when more than ever they need the chart and compass of parental counsel, they are cast loose upon an institution where the teachers stand aloof, holding no other than a cold ollicial intercourse with them, and usually conducting in such a manner as to be looked upon, not as friends, but as adversaries. Thus the college pupil is thrown into the society of young men, and subjected to the influence of a community, among whom all the yesty passions
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