How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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whether they have not often felt that these are a poor compensation for the sundering of those intimate ties which in other days united the heart of the child in familiar sympathy with the parent )
Such is the general course of things in the rich college. Fortified by ample endowments, what salutary fear of public opinion will lash its managers up to a discharge of their duty? Aware that mankind seldom despise what is costly, and are apt to look with reverence upon what is vast, they know that the mighty uni­versity is entrenched behind a strong prejudice. If any one assails it. it is easy to repel the attack by calling bard names, and charging upon the enemy a desire to hinder the progress of know­ledge and eclipse the light of learning. Beside, there is something very fascinating to the minds of parents and pupils in a rich college. It is esteemed an honor to be among its graduates. It is a mark of distinction, a badge of superi­ority; to hold a parchment with a blue ribbon from such an institution. As obesity is the sign of gentility in Japan, to be a graduate of such a seminary is a patent of nobility in other countries. The parents and pupils are of course the champions of an establishment which confers such benefits on them, and will draw
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