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INTELLECTUAL CULTURE.                     353
the sword of controversy in its behalf when it is assailed. Sure of such aid, what necessity for the heads of a university to take the trouble of watchful, laborious and careful instruction I
The esprit de corps, engendered among the pupils of a college, is also a powerful support of the institution. It operates like the bonds between the members of the monastic orders, allying them together by the spell of a common sympathy. A graduate of a college is ever the ready supporter of his Alma .Mater. If he is in the legislative hall and she asks for money, will he not give it ? If she is attacked, will he not defend her? Will he not ever be her ready champion, supporting her from affection, whether right or wrong I And are not the skilful wri­ters, the eloquent pleaders of our country, thus bribed to do battle in behalf of the colleges, even though they may be public evils !
How then can such an institution be subjected to the wholesome influence of a responsibility to public opinion / Its stability does not depend upon its good management. It is. at least to some extent, placed beyond the reach of cor­rection and chastisement at the hand of society. It has only to guard against gross abuses, and then it may hold the proud tenor of its way, secure of the support of the learned and the 30*                                   w
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