How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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INTELLECTUAL CULTURE..                     355
dangers to which their children maybe exposed if placed in ill-conducted seminaries. Let them consider too that there is no charm in a college which ensures any benefit whatever. It is a fact, well established, that many young men graduate, knowing little more than when they entered. Nol more than one in five really im­proves the advantages which the college affords. Not more than one in five fulfils the hopes and expectations of his friends in sending him to col­lege. Beside this, many young men are taught vices at these seminaries wliieh they never shake off—many who enter them in purity go forth corrupted for life.
Before sending children to a college, therefore, parents should acquaint themselves thoroughly with the character of its officers and professors. and with the practical effects of the institution. literary, moral and religious; they should then duly consider the temptations to which the stu­dents are exposed, and whether those whom they propose to place within their influence, are of a disposition to withstand them. It is ob­vious that some of these difficulties are miti­gated or removed where parents reside in the immediate vicinity of the college, and can watch over their sons: or in cases where some judicious person, in the institution or near it,
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