How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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lessons with them, and approve or condemn as they are attentive or negligent, they will be quickened by a sense of responsibility. If pa­rents aid them in the mastery of difficulties, and teach them to think and reflect upon their studies, they will not only be cheered by the assistance, but will find, in the exercise thus given to their minds, that delight which the young bird feels as he first tries his wings and discovers the joyous power they bestow. An experienced and sagacious teacher told me but yesterday, that he had one child in his school whose parents treated him in this way, and that, although he had moderate abilities, he was one of the best and most successful of his pupils. Is it not a mistake of parents, then, to aive all their thoughts and devote all their time to more worldly cares, and leave the minds of their children to accident? For what employ­ment more delightful than to train the youthful intellect; what occupation so full of pleasure as to lead one's own child forth in the paths of knowledge, and, like Adam, when the world was new, give names and characters to all around ; what pursuit so profitable to the child itself, for Avhose benefit we are willing to toil, as to take him with ns and climb the pinnacle of knowledge, teach him the dangers of the
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