How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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INTELLECTUAL CULTURE.                    359
"\vay, aid him in surmounting difficulties, and at last unfold to him the world of truth, which lies outspread to the view of the beholder ! Say, ye part nls. if ye would make an investment for your children, is it better to make it in cash or in wisdom? Is it better to lay tip treasures in the bank', where the moth and rust may cor­rupt, and where thieves may break through and steal, or in the mind, whose stores are im­perishable !
Let parents, then, not leave intellectual cul­ture wholly to the schoolmaster : let them rather look upon him only as their assistant, and. while they render him all needed aid and en­couragement, let them watch his progress and see that he performs his duty- Let them also accompany their children in their studies, and see that they perform theirs. Of one thing let them beware, and that is, not to permit children to be witnesses against their teachers. The relation of pupil and teacher is one which often leads the former to misinterpretation, perhaps to misrepresentation.
Let not parents ever be discouraged in the mental culture of their children, under the idea that they are of inferior capacity. Children are of different degrees of quickness, but not one in a thousand is incapable of receiving the full
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