How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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benefits of instruction. And let it be remarked, that, with good education, children of moderate natural endowments are. in the average of life, happier and more useful than those on whom nature has lavished the gifts of genius. "Give me neither poverty nor riches" is as wise a prayer in respect to mental gifts, as the more sordid treasures of the world. But let it be remembered that the mind, like the body, is strengthened by exercise, and. though it may be debilitated by being overtasked, it is still necessary, in order to give it vigor, to inure it to patient labor and continuous toil. As the proper adaptation of exercise to the degree of health and strength of the subject, is the great art of physical training, so, in mental culture, is the suitable exercise of the mind the chief means by which its powers are unfolded and enlarged.
It may be well for parents to recollect that the habits of the mind are of more importance in youth, than the actual amount of knowledge they possess. A child that has habits of inves­tigation and reflection will soon gather stores of facts, and, being of his own acquisition, he will hoard them with care and use them with effect. It is better, therefore, to consider the early periods of mental education as properly
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