How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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INTELLECTUAL CULTURE.                     363
it, either good or evil. Indiscriminate reading, therefore, is dangerous to most: to the young it is perilous in the extreme. Parents should ex­ercise the same discretion in the choice of books for their children, as in the choice of their com­panions. The danger is greater, indeed, from a bad book than from a bad associate, for there is a magic in print which gives it great authority over the mind of the reader. Nor should the vigilance of parents be restricted to any one form of publication. The newspapers which, they adniit to the fireside, to become the daily and weekly counsellors there, should be selected with great care. And this is becoming n matter of more serious consideration from the fact that many newspapers are now thrown forth upon the public, seeking to obtain patronage by minister­ing to the worst passions of the human heart. Let parents be cautious then on this subject, if they would not run the risk of taking into the bosom of their families, evil counsellors, which may not only poison their own minds but those of their children.
it is impossible to lay down general rules in regard to the selection of books for children, which will not admit of many exceptions. It may be safe, however, to remark that works of fiction are usually fascinating to children ; they
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