How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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364                       FIRESIDE EDUCATION.
therefore need to be restrained, rather than en­couraged, in the reading of them. Those works which deal in facts, as geographies, histories, biographies, travels, &c, are the safest for young minds. The modern novels of the Eng­lish press, delineating fashionable society, are by no means calculated to elevate the scale of morals, purify the heart, or chasten the conver­sation of our American youth. These, without exception, should be banished from the family library. The works of Hannah More, though not in the best taste, are perhaps better in point of moral eftect than those of almost any other English writer. Many of Miss Edge worth's tales are admirable, but are not entirely adapted to our state of society. I am inclined to give a decided preference to the books for youth, writ­ten by our native authors. Among these, it is not. necessary to say, that Miss Sedgewick will lake the first rank.
Beside the knowledge and skill which belong to a person's profession and qualify him to discharge the serious duties of life, there are certain graceful arts, which are useful, as being sources of pleasure to himself, and as rendering
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