How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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him an interesting or agreeable member of so­ciety. I have already said something in respect to drawing and music, but it may be well to repeat that although there is great difference as to the aptitude of children for these arts, there are still none who are incapable of becoming pro­ficients in them, provided you begin in child­hood and follow a proper mode of instruction. The importance of these arts to individuals and society at large, as furnishing innocent excite­ments and refining pastimes, and therefore as tending to the purification of public morals, can­not be too highly estimated. Let parents do their duty to their children and society in this matter. Dancing has been already noticed. The power of walking several miles a day. as well for a lady as a gentleman, though not usually ranked as an accomplishment, may still be en­titled, from its utility, to decided encouragement. Reading well is an art which gives the posses­sor the power of bestowing rich entertainment on others. But of all accomplishments, that of conversation is doubtless the highest. Wo­men excel in this art. especially so far as it is employed in the description of passing events and discussing the lighter topics of the day. I know that a lady's tongue is a standing theme of satire with men, but the conversation of an 31*
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