How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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intelligent woman is among the richest sources of entertainment which society affords.
But let any one who desires to be loved, happy, or respected, be careful not to indulge in personal satire or ridicule. A talent for either of these kinds of wit is seldom associated with a great mind or a good heart. Besides, there is a debasing tendency in these things. A satirist who is just and decent at first, after a little practice, disregards both equity and propriety. He is eternally seeking for some object of satire or point of ridicule. Under such efforts, the understanding is soon warped, and becomes as incapable of just perception, as a piece of wrin­kled glass of transmitting true images. I once knew a lady who had acquired a reputation for wit, and who had yet gone so far in a turn for ridicule that her sense of propriety seemed to be lost. On hearing a clergyman pray that "the happy day might come when men would all act with a single eye to the glory of God," she remarked that "she imagined it would be a long time before every body would see with one eye!" How pitiable is such degradation of taste and intellect! Let us beware of such things, and teach our tongues not to corrupt our hearts. We should remember that there is something in human nature like gravitation,
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