How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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ever tending to draw us downward. The ar­row that is aimed below the mark will never reach it, for it will sink, rather than rise, in its flight. You must aim high, if you would hit. It is so in all moral things. A person who would enjoy the consciousness of a pure and generous heart, must cultivate pure and gene­rous speech ; at all events, he must avoid de­basing his own mind by dwelling upon the obliquities, vices and follies of others.
The art of narration is one of easy cultiva­tion, and not only affords ample scope for the exercise of talent, but may also furnish much amusement and instruction. This seems to be a natural gift with some, and the society of those who possess it is generally much sought after. Parents may easily cultivate this talent in their children, by teaching them, of a winter evening, to recount the events and adventures of the day, or detail the substance of the books they may have read, or invent tales from the resources of fancy.
As to the ornamental arts of the needle, I need not speak, otherwise than to remark that they are always becoming to women of every degree; and though I would not bestow upon them, in this age of utility, very high commendation, I would not wholly discourage them. The time
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