How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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368                          FIRESIDE EDUCATION.
has passed by when ladies were immured in lordly castles, and, being denied a participation in the cares and duties of busy life, and unfitted through lack of education for the pleasures of literature, were driven for pastime to the inge­nious mysteries of needle-work. This has therefore ceased to claim an absorbing interest, even at the hands of fair ladies, but it must be permitted to hold a humble place among grace­ful female accomplishments: always, however, being second to the more thrifty science of housewifery.
Every one is familiar with the significant adage, "birds of a feather flock together;" which means that people of similar tastes, habits and pursuits will naturally seek each other's society. It is through the operation of this principle that we see the community grouped into a variety of circles. Thus, there are fashionable circles, political circles, literary circles, and many others. These things exist in all countries, and every­where arrange themselves nearly according to the same laws and in the same way. Two men, one of coarse tastes, a lover of profanity,
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