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talent of enforcing them, will ere long supply one of the most exigent demands of the com­munity.
In my view, good manners must rest upon three principles, honor, grace and politeness; and whatever is incompatible with these, or either of these, must be inconsistent with good breeding.
This is a feeling of self-respect, which leads a person to shun every species of meanness. It is therefore incompatible with trick, artifice and cunning, by which some advantage is to be gained over another. It interdicts lying, de­ception and equivocation of all kinds. Such is true honor; and though it may generally be considered rather as a masculine accomplish­ment, still, it is not unworthy of being woven in with the graces of female manners. The dignity, frankness and sincerity which the prin­ciple of honor imparts to the air and bearing of every individual in whose heart it resides, is not unbecoming in a lady, though it may be a more indispensable and appropriate finish to the manners of a gentleman.
I need not say that duelling, though often designated as an " affair of honor," usually 32
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