How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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37-1                          FIRESIDE EDUCATION.
springs from a violation of the principles of true honor. If a man has done another an injury, he best avoids meanness and consults his dignity by making due acknowledgments. If these are not satisfactory, does he act a noble part in being cowed by public opinion so as to risk his own life and seek that of another, rather than . stand upon his own conscious rectitude ?
The definition of this, in application to man­ners, is that ease and propriety which win the favor of all. It displays itself in those move­ments of the body, those expressions of coun­tenance, those forms of speech, and that gene­ral bearing, which bespeak good taste, chastened feelings, and refinement. Tt is a quality which puts a stranger at ease, and banishes uncomfort­able restraint, even among those who may be of unequal conditions in life, or who chance to meet for the first time. It is opposed alike to affectation and awkwardness, and is of so cap­tivating a nature that it may be witnessed by the plebeian in the patrician without envy, and without exciting a painful sense of humiliation. As honor is the essential mark of a gentleman, grace is the special ornament of a lady.
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