How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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Meeting or parting, let the different members of the household be accustomed to show a deli­cate regard to the wishes, tastes and feelings of one another. This will exert a powerful influ­ence upon the heart itself, the source of all our emotions. It will srive charms to the counte-nance, which no other beauty can bestow; a sweetness to the voice, which is better than music: and a graciousness to the manners, which is the best letter of recommendation. Thus, while peace is promoted in the family, the chil­dren will he trained in those manners which are called a good address, and which will do more to ensure their success in life than any wealth you can bestow.
In illustration of this subject, let me relate a piece of history- A few years since, there lived in an adjacent state, and perhaps still live, a family of five brothers. They each received a small estate at the death of their father, and a.ll settled in the same village. It was about forty years ago that they united in establishing a store. As this was successful, they started a second, and finally a third. In these, they were all equally interested, and, what is remark­able, each individual took from these several establishments whatever articles he desired for himself and his family, and of these no account 32*
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