How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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sweet memories of home. Let them be rendered familiar in the fond fellowship between brothers and sisters. Having done this for your child, let him go forth into the world, and he will carve his way to success. His kindly and gra­cious maimers will win him easy access to the hearts of men. He carries with him a magic key, which will unlock every door which inter­poses between him and fortune.
Let me present the subject to you in another point of view. It is the dispensation of provi­dence that inequalities of condition shall exist in society. The Creator has thrown the surface of the earth into a thousand forms. He has heaped up hills and mountains : lie has spread out plains and valleys. He has endowed some portions with barrenness, and others with fer­tility. To some regions, he has given a climate which scatters them over with never-dying ver­dure and bloom ; to others, he has sent the pinching and withering sway of never-relenting winter. And this picture of nature is but an emblem of the diversified condition of human society, as ordained of Heaven. He who ex­pects equality of condition expects that which providence forbids. One is endowed by nature with strength, another with weakness; one with beauty, another with deformity; one with
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