How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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vigor of intellect, another with mental imbe­cility. Diversity in the moral, as well as in the physical world, is the design of Providence, and we might as well ask that the mountains and the hills should be shorn down, and the rugged surface of the globe reduced to one unvarying level, as that society should present uniformity of condition.
1 cannot now stop to illustrate the benefits which ilow from the inequalities of society, but these arc to my mind obvious, and abundantly prove that it is a scheme founded in infinite goodness and wisdom. But, however varied may be the lot of humanity in external things, there is a perfect equality of rights. " Do to another as you would have another do to you." This is the golden rule, which lays its injunc­tions on all alike, and levels the rich and the poor to one mutual standard of obligation. Here, then, is the foundation of that great prin­ciple set forth in our Constitution. All men are born free and equal; not equal in condition, but equal in their rights. If this were well under­stood and thoroughly practised, it would carry peace into every hamlet. That jealousy which springs up among the different classes of society, and which is often fomented by base and crafty agitators to serve their own purposes, would
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