How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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find no existence. But this evil does exist. It springs up in our villages, and carries strife into our legislative halls. In casting about for the means of correcting or mitigating this evil, I have often turned to fireside education as most likely to afford it. Teach your children polite­ness. Teach them to do to another as they would have another do to them. Teach them to mould thought and feeling, word and deed, look and manner, according to this holy precept. Teach them this, and if rich, they will have no offensive haughtiness; if poor, they will be disturbed by no bitter envy. The equality of rights being understood and practised, the ine­quality of condition will be no source of strife.
I have hitherto spoken of the principles upon which good manners rest, and which are as essential to a thorough discipline of the charac­ter as to the formation of an agreeable personal demeanor. But beside these principles, there are certain conventional rules established in refined society, which it might be well for every person to practise habitually. I shall therefore point out a few of these which seem most es­sential, and leave it to parents to bring up their families in the observance of them, as far as
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