How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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MANNERS.                                    385
contact with another, make immediate amends by saying. " I beg your pardon." It is esteemed indelicate for ladies to turn and look back in a public street. If in driving upon the road you meet another person, be solicitous to give him ample space for passing you. Children should be expressly forbidden to shout at passers by. These inconsiderate beginnings often arrow into habitual rudeness and impertinence. If a man. young or old, meets a woman upon the road, where she is unprotected, and by word, look or deed does any thing to offend her delicacy, he displays a gross instance of dastardly brutality. Let mothers, especially, train their sons, under all circumstances, to pay a nice regard to the rights and feelings of the gentler sex. The ex­ample of a certain New-Hampshire mountaineer is worthy of all praise. A lady, with whom 1 chanced to be acquainted, was travelling, a few years since, on the White Mountains. In as­cending a steep acclivity, some accident hap­pened to her carriage, and while the coachman was repairing it, she went up the hill on foot. On turning an angle in the road, she met with a wagoner, who respectfully bade her good morning. She then made some inquiry as to the road, and concluded by expressing her sur­prise to find people living among these wild 33                                   y
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