How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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hills. "Well, ma'am," said the wagoner, "I suppose we couldn't live here if we didn't once in a while see a lady." This was genuine politeness,—pure, native gold, and not the less brilliant for the rustic ore through which it shone.
In riding on horseback, a gentleman should be at the lady's right, for he can better offer her assistance in this way, should she need it; she is also more at her ease, from a consciousness that her position is more graceful to her attend­ant. In travelling, cultivate a pleasant inter­course with those who give you the opportunity; but obtrude yourself upon no one. Put up with little inconveniences, and be not pertinacious about your rights. Avoid all John Bullism to tavern-keepers, servants, and others. Be nei­ther inquisitive nor unduly communicative. Readily conform to the customs of a private family in which you chance to be a guest.
Rules in regard to dress.—Man is not pro­vided, like the animals, with a natural cover­ing, but he is endowed with ingenuity and left to his own invention. In eastern countries, the fashions of dress have remained the same for centuries, and among the peasants of Europe they continue, with little change, from genera­tion to generation. But in the commercial
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