How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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cities, they are as variable as the hues and shapes of the clouds. The milliners and nian-tua-makers of Paris are the lawgivers on the subject of ladies" dress throughout ('hristendom. The tailors of London constitute a final court of appeal in respect to coats, waistcoats and pantaloons. Fashion in dress is not without its importance. A clergyman who should enter the pulpit in regimentals would be considered as bringing scandal upon the cloth ; and a mer­chant who should appear on 'change in a sai­lor's jacket, would subject himself to ridicule and contempt. The true rule in regard to dress is this—let it be appropriate to your condition. A person who is eager to adopt any new fashion of dress is always despised, for it is proof of a little mind. Keep rather behind than before the fashion. Study simplicity. Let ladies avoid the display of gaudy colors. Cleanliness and neatness of attire are among the most decisive marks of good breeding. Vulgarity often dis­plays itself in ostentatious and dashy decoration. Miscellaneous hints.—Personal cleanliness is indispensable to those who would be esteemed well bred. The teeth, especially, should be kept scrupulously clean. Spitting, combing your hair, and cleaning your nails, are three things to be done in private. A superabun-
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