How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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dance of whiskers on a man's face evinces a proportionate lack of brains. A dandy in dress or manner can only find his model in the monkey tribe. An exclusive, one who holds himself aloof as being better than his fellow-men, may be ranked with the orang outang, who refuses to associate with any other mem­bers' of the four-handed race. At church, let your manners ever be marked with reverence and decorum, paying respect to the rights and ceremonies of the worshippers, though you may be of a different creed. In conversation, do not court argument, and never use contradiction. Speak in a low but distinct voice, and be rather solicitous to draw others out than display your­self. Ladies are excellent talkers, when duly prompted, and he who has the art of drawing them out may derive great pleasure and instruc­tion from their society. Be not ready or prompt to take offence, and shun temptation to bitter retort. The spirit of the porcupine is of no great dignity. Good humor is a better shield than an armory of poisoned quills. Converse rather about things than persons. You may be witty upon the former, but beware of being so in respect to the latter. Shun loud laughter, loud talkmg, and horse play. Avoid all bustle. A quiet demeanor is essential to dignity of man­ners.
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