How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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From the observations that have been made, I think it will be obvious to the reader that parents are responsible for the physical train­ing, the moral education, and the mental in­struction of their children. If in any of these respects they do not undertake to be their teach­ers, they are still bound to provide suitable means of culture. But this is not the whole extent of their duty. Parents are generally called upon to select the profession of their children for life, and to furnish the particular instruction necessary for its successful pursuit. This is a subject, the full discussion of which would fill a volume; but I only propose here to give a few general hints in relation to it.
In the first place, let parents select the pro­fession of their children, not with a view to family ambition or parental vanity, but with par­ticular regard to three points:—1. The health, constitution, and aptitudes of children; for it must be remembered that some cannot endure sedentary occupation, that some are fitted for action rather than contemplation, and that none are likely to succeed in a vocation for which they have no taste or talent; 2. the proba­ble happiness of children, taking into view the 33*
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