How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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whole life, and weighing against the dangers, cares and vicissitudes which attend an am­bitious and brilliant career, the peace, safety and content of a humbler vocation; 3. their usefulness as members of society. And in re­spect to this, I wish to say a few words to wealthy parents. They have the means of giving their children a good education, and they usually employ them to this end. But are they not too solicitous to have them established in cities, engaged in mercantile pursuits, or de­voted to some one of the learned professions? Let me suggest to such parents a course which might often better secure the happiness of their children, and greatly promote the good of the community at large. Suppose that these sons of the wealthy were properly educated for coun­try life, and should accordingly settle in the country, as farmers, merchants or mechanics. Possessing wealth and superior education, they would enjoy great influence, and this might be used to the benefit of all around. An intelli­gent, well educated, gentlemanly mechanic, or farmer, or merchant, in a country town, who is disposed to associate with his neighbors on friendly terms, has opportunities for doing good, a range for the exercise of laudable ambition, and sources of general satisfaction, far beyond
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