How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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what an individual can usually obtain in the crush of the crowded city.
It is hardly necessary to remark that the general education of children should have some reference to their after vocation. Still, it is im­portant that all should receive that degree of mental culture which may not only place them at least on a level with society around them, but enable them to reason wisely upon the social, political, moral and religious questions which are agitated in the community, and upon which every individual is required to form opin­ions. Tt is a matter of necessity that profes­sional men should possess extensive erudition. But there is no reason why learning should be restricted to them. The mechanic, the farmer and the tradesman may be beneiitcd by knowledge, and may, without neglect of their proper vocation, cultivate a love of letters. "A little learning." it is true, "is a dangerous thing." for it sometimes begets conceit, and leads its possessor into fatal danger, as the ad­dled moth is drawn into, and destroyed by, the dazzling flame. But this being guarded against, the laboring man may still consult his own hap­piness by the pursuit of liberal knowledge: and parents who design that their sons shall follow some laborious calling, may wisely give them a
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