How Best To Educate Your Child At Home

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GENERAL REMARKS.                          393
vocation. If this be generally true in point of fact, there is no good reason why it should be so, and we know indeed many exceptions to the rule. Almost any vocation, in this country, if pursued with industry and skill, results in wealth, and a man may as well display those qualities which claim the respect of mankind in one profession as another. Parents may, therefore, have little solicitude as to the par­ticular vocation they may select for their sons, provided these are imbued with good moral principles, trained to industrious habits, and possessed of cultivated minds. There are two cautions, however, which it may be well to subjoin : first, that young men be thoroughly warned against that greedy appetite for wealth, which has led so many persons, in this coun­try, unduly to expand their business, or engage in flattering speculations, and which have finally resulted in bankruptcy and ruin: and. second, that they be also warned against a thirst for political preferment. If a man's fel­low-citizens, unsolicited, confer upon him a public trust, he may properly accept it, and take to his heart the gratification which the bestowal of such confidence is calculated to excite. But there is no species of ambition, in our country, so universally repaid by disap-
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