The Enid Blyton Holiday Book - complete online version

41 Illustrated Children's Stories from Enid Blyton

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Whistle stared in surprise. He didn't know there was anybody else near, and here was a little pixie in the pond—a pixie about as small as himself, too!
" Hallo! " said Whistle. " Who are you? "
" I'm Splash, the water-pixie," said the little fellow, climbing out of the water and sitting beside Whistle. " I live in the pond with my father and mother. We only came last week. I didn't think there was any one for me to play with, and now I've found you. What luck! "
" Oh, Splash, I'm so pleased! " said Whistle. " My name is Whistle. We can play together every day. What shall we play at? "
" Come into the water and I'll teach you to swim," said Splash.
" But what about my clothes? " said Whistle. " They'll get wet."
" Well, they'll dry, won't they? " said Splash. "Come along! Mind that mud! "
But dear me, Whistle was so anxious to get into the water that he floundered right into the mud, and you should have seen how he looked! He was black from head to foot!
" Oh dear! " said Whistle, in dismay. " Look at that! I'd better get out and dry myself, and then see if the mud will brush off. Come and sit by me, Splash, and I'll teach you to whistle."
So Splash sat by Whistle in the sun, and the pixie taught his friend to whistle loudly. By the time the dinner-hour came, Splash could whistle like a blackbird! Whistle's clothes were dry, but the mud wouldn't brush off. It stuck to his clothes, and was all over his face and hands too. The two pixies said good-bye, and each ran off to his dinner.
Oh dear! How cross Whistle's mother was when she saw his clothes! " You bad, naughty pixie! " she scolded. " You have been in the pond. Take off your clothes at once. You must have a hot bath."
" Oh, Mother, don't be angry with me," begged Whistle. " I have found a friend to play with. It is a water-pixie called Splash! "
" Indeed! " said his mother, pouring hot water into the tin bath. " Well, just remember this, Whistle—you are not to play with water-pixies at all! You will only get muddy and wet, and I won't have it! "
" But, Mother! " cried Whistle, in dismay, " I do so like Splash! He is so nice. He wanted to teach me to swim."
" You'll drown before you learn to swim in that weedy pond," said
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