The Enid Blyton Holiday Book - complete online version

41 Illustrated Children's Stories from Enid Blyton

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his mother. " Now remember, Whistle, I forbid you to play with that
Whistle said no more. He knew it was no use, but he was very sad. It was hard to find a friend, and then not to be allowed to keep him.
That afternoon, Whistle stole down to the pond. Splash was there, sitting in a swing he had made of bent reed. He was whistling away, having a lovely time, eagerly waiting for Whistle.
" What's the matter? " he cried, when he saw the pixie's gloomy face.
" Mother was very cross about my muddy suit^-and says I mustn't play with you," said Whistle sadly. " So I came to tell you. After this I shan't come down to the pond, because if I do I might see you and play with you, and I don't want to upset my mother."
" Oh, bother! " said Splash, in dismay. " Just as we have found one another so nicely. It's too bad! "
" Good-bye, Splash," said Whistle. " I'm very, very sorry, but I must go."
What's the matter ? " he cried, when he saw the pixie's gloomy face.
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