The Enid Blyton Holiday Book - complete online version

41 Illustrated Children's Stories from Enid Blyton

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Off he ran home; and just as he got there he met his father, who called to him.
" Whistle! How would you like to go for a sail on the pond this afternoon? I've got a fine little boat here that used to belong to a child."
" Ooh, how lovely! " said Whistle, looking at the toy boat, which was leaning up against the side of the toadstool house and was even bigger than the house itself!
" Mother! Where are you? " called Whistle, in excitement. " Are you coming for a sail too? "
" Yes! " said his mother. So in a short time the little family set off to the pond, Whistle and his father carrying the ship, and his mother running behind. They set the boat on the water, and then they all got in.
It was a windy day. The wind filled the little white sail and the ship blew into the middle of the pond. What fun it was! Whistle's father guided the boat along and Whistle leaned over to look for fish. He saw a big one, and leaned so far over that he lost his balance! Splash! Into the water he went head-first!
" Oh! Oh! Save him! He can't swim!" cried Whistle's mother in dismay. " Oh, Whistle, Whistle! Quick, turn the boat about and save Whistle! "
But just then the wind blew so hard that the ship simply tore across the pond and left Whistle struggling in the water. Poor little pixie—he couldn't swim, and he was in great trouble.
But suddenly up swam Splash, the water-pixie. He had watched the boat setting sail, and had kept by it all the way, though the others hadn't seen him. As soon as he saw his friend fall into the water he swam up to him, and catching hold of him under the arms, he swam with him to the boat.
" Oh, you brave little fellow! " said Whistle's father, as he pulled the two of them into the boat. " You have saved Whistle! He might have drowned! Who are you? "
" I am Splash, the water-pixie," said Splash. " I live in the pond. I would very much like to be friends with Whistle and teach him to swim. He has taught me to whistle like a blackbird, and my mother is very pleased. I should like to do something for him in return."
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