The Enid Blyton Holiday Book - complete online version

41 Illustrated Children's Stories from Enid Blyton

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Oh, you brave little fellow 1 " said Whistle's father.
" Oh, you are the bravest little pixie I have ever seen! " cried Whistle's mother, as she sat hugging Whistle to her. " Please be friends with Whistle. He must certainly learn to swim. I will make him a little bathing suit, and then it won't matter if he gets wet or muddy."
" Oh, Mother, how lovely! " cried Whistle, in delight. "I told Splash this afternoon that I could never see him again, and I said good-bye to him, because you said I wasn't to play with him—and now he is to be my friend after all! "
" You deserve it, for you're a good, obedient little pixie," said his father. " Now you'd better bring your friend home to tea with you, if Mother has enough cake! "
" Oh yes, I made treacle buns this morning," said Whistle's mother, " and there is some new blackberry jam too. Ask your mother if you can come, Splash! "
Splash jumped into the water and swam to his cosy little home in the reeds. In a moment or two, three pixies popped their heads out of the water—for Splash had brought his father and mother.
" Thank you for the invitation," said Splash's pretty little pixie-mother. " He will be most delighted to come. I am just going to brush his hair. Perhaps you will all come to tea with us to-morrow? We should love to have you."
So all the pixies became friends, and now Splash and Whistle play together all day long, and Whistle can swim just as well as Splash can; and as for Splash's whistling, well you should just hear it! The two pixies sound like a cage full of canaries!
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