The Enid Blyton Holiday Book - complete online version

41 Illustrated Children's Stories from Enid Blyton

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She Wouldn't Believe It
T here was once a very old, very proud doll. Her name was Florrie, and she belonged to Katie. She was proud because she had belonged to Katie's mother when she was a little girl—so you can guess that Florrie was very old indeed.
Now the other toys in the nursery wanted to be friends with Florrie— but Florrie thought herself far too grown-up and grand to bother with young toys like the smiling sailor-doll, the blue teddy-bear, the golden-haired doll, and the pretty Snow-White with her black hair.
" If you speak to me you must call me Madam," she told the toys. " And pray don't disturb me at night with your chatter and play. Be as quiet as you can."
The toys giggled. They thought Florrie was very funny. She had a big china head with brown hair, rather tangled. Her dress, which was of blue silk spotted with yellow, came to her feet, and she wore brown kid shoes with laces. A pink sash was tied round her waist.
" She's so old-fashioned! ' whispered the toys to one another. " She won't play or laugh—she just goes for lonely walks round the nursery by herself. I wonder what she's made of—rubber, do you think? "
Nobody knew. The golden-haired doll was made of rubber and could be bathed. Snow-White had a pink velvet body, very soft and cuddle-some. They couldn't think what Florrie was made of.
Well, she was stuffed with sawdust, just as all old dolls were! But she didn't tell anyone this, for she felt a little ashamed of it. She went each
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